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Our company culture is results driven and recognized by its entrepreneurial spirit. We all have varied backgrounds, both in terms of job experiences and education, but we share the basic understanding that we need to share knowledge and insight between each other in order for BHG to continue developing.

Our people

We are characterized by our high pace and a determination to spearhead creative disruption within retail, through online and tech leadership. If you like change and want to be part of transforming tomorrow’s retail landscape, then we are the workplace for you.

Our Culture

We have made it our mission to radically reshape our market. Using customer insights, smart technology, data and creativity we aim to change the retail and e-commerce industry - to bring even more value to our customers. We are a customer-centric organization that strongly believes in having fun at work. We know that happy dots do the best work.

We know that our success hinges on the talent and creativity of our people. Our open mindset, entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude are what makes us one of the leading online pure-play retailers within the Home Improvement space – Together we make living easy

Gustaf Öhrn

President and CEO


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