This is BHG

People and Culture

At BHG we are passionate about developing our business and creating captivating experiences for our customers. We have the opportunity to transform the world of retail. And we are going for that opportunity.

We have world-class teams of in-house SEO and SEM experts, marketers, product experts and web developers who work together to ensure that our online stores are well-optimized and aligned to cover the latest trends and online search queries. Together we aim to offer access, relevance & ease.

Though we’re growing quickly, we know that our success hinges on the talent, creativity and business savvy of our people. Much as we encourage thinking outside the box, ultimately our actions are guided by customer insights and data..

Perhaps even more importantly, we are proud, but never content. Each one of us has a role in identifying what can be improved and then… making precisely that happen. That’s why we – our people, our brands and every BHG destination – work under the internal ethos;

“Happy dots, solving knots.”

Yes, it might sound a bit daft. But we think it’s an apt description which reflects who we are and how we act. It highlights our everyday attitude. We work in an online and, if you will, ‘dot-com’ environment. The dot is the emblematic shape that represents both our people and our brands.