Sustainability is an integrated part of our business model


BHG always strives to conduct its operations in an ethical, as well as socially and environmentally responsible manner. The company has therefore created a CSR policy to clarify the group’s responsibility for the impact its decisions and activities have on society and the environment.

OurCSR policy and theCode of Conduct show our responsibility for the effects that our decisions and activities have on society and the environment. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees and to the Groups suppliers.

You will find our sustainability reporthere.

Business Ethics and anti-corruption

BHG has distributed its business ethical guidelines and information regarding its work to prevent corruption and bribes. Anti-corruption is also included in the company’s supplier code of conduct.

The board is responsible for the implementation of policies and guidelines. For certain policies and guidelines, the board has delegated the responsibility to other functions within the BHG.

Potential deviations from the code of conduct or the business ethical guidelines can be reported anonymously through the company’s whistle-blower function.


BHG strives for diversity and an even gender distribution in its operations. The diversity target also includes a more even distribution of employees with foreign backgrounds.

Another priority area is health and safety. The local work environment work is conducted in different ways and follows certain major workplaces certifications such as AFS 2001. Our goal is a good working environment, reduced absence due to illness and prevention of work injuries.

Learning in the workplace and other forms of skills development are also important parts for all employees to be able to develop within their respective roles in the Group.

Environmental footprint

Logistics is one of the areas where the Group has the greatest impact on the climate. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our partners in logistics solutions regarding increased efficiency in the way of delivering goods and in handling returns.

Higher utilization of available cargo spaces as well as smarter packaging can reduce both carbon dioxide emissions, other emissions and the use of packaging materials. We carry out ongoing energy saving measures at warehouses, showrooms and offices together with property owners.

An important environmental aspect is that we have low return rates, which reduces our transport impact. Our assessment is that this, together with effective packaging, means less impact on the environment than if the customer himself went to the respective point of purchase.


We provide all suppliers with significant purchasing volumes with a copy of the Code of Conduct. New suppliers must sign the Code of Conduct, or prove that they have their own equivalent code of conduct.

In 2019, we monitored our sustainability efforts through self-assessments and/or site visits to suppliers’ manufacturing plants in low-cost countries where the risk of deviations is assessed as being the greatest.

Materiality Analysis

We have carried out a thorough materiality analysis to identify BHG's role in a sustainable future and see where the Group's impact can be considered most significant.

The analysis was based on both risks and opportunities linked to sustainability and took into account both the environment, social responsibility, HR issues, respect for human rights, business ethics and anti-corruption as well as responsibility and governance. As a result of the analysis, we have chosen to focus on:

• Responsible procurement
• Reduced environmental footprint
• Business ethics and anti-corruption
• Diversification and human Resources.

In the future, the dialogue with customers, employees, owners, suppliers and authorities will be expanded to further develop the group's sustainability work and reporting.

In our sustainability report, which is included in the annual report there is further information.

Code of Conduct and CSR

The Code of Conduct and the CSR policy clarify our responsibility for the effect that our decisions and activities have on the environment. Both are based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and special emphasis has been placed on clarifying our position on issues related to respect for the environment, human rights, working conditions and sound business relations and anti-corruption.

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees of BHG, both in Sweden and abroad, as well as to all suppliers and their subcontractors. An important part of the process for new supplier agreements is to ensure that the supplier conducts its operations in accordance with our code of conduct. New suppliers must complete a self-evaluation with questions regarding human rights, environmental issues, gender equality etc.

We strive to take active take into account the values in the Code of Conduct and in the CSR policy and avoid involvement in activities that in any way violate these. All managers of BHG are expected to take responsibility for their employees being able to access, understand and act on the basis of both the content and the spirit of the code of conduct.

Actions that do not comply with this, or which may be perceived as not complying with the code, must be reported to the nearest manager in accordance with the applicable whistleblower policy.

Code of conduct

CSR policy



  • Respect and maintain BHG's good name
  • Act honestly and with integrity
  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the countries where we do business
  • Following our code of conduct
  • Report any violations of our Code or any other law or regulation



Code of Conduct
Corporate Social Responsibility


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