Sustainability is an integrated part of our business model


At BHG Group we always strive to conduct our operations in an ethical, as well as socially and environmentally responsible manner. Sustainability is a prerequisite for our continued success, and it is important that sustainability is considered a self-evident part of our operations. We focus on our material sustainability areas and continuously seek ways to develop and improve our work on sustainability across our value chain.

You will find more details on how we work with sustainability in our Sustainability Report.


To ensure that we maintain the right strategic focus, we have carried out a materiality analysis. Our materiality analysis identifies our most significant environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts, and which areas we should prioritise in our sustainability agenda.

The materiality analysis relies on dialogues with important stakeholders and an impact analysis. It identifies our negative and positive impacts across the value chain on, and from, the areas of human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

The result of the materiality analysis is presented in our materiality pyramid, on page 4 in our Sustainability Report.


Our largest sustainability impact lies within our supply chain. To promote sustainability in our supply chains we have established a Supplier Code of Conduct based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Business partners, suppliers and agents shall be evaluated against this code.


Minimising the environmental impact across our value chain is one of our focus areas. This includes reducing our GHG emissions and the waste generated in our operations as well as the efficient use of energy and materials.

Our biggest environmental impact lies in our supply chain. Therefore, sustainable supply chain management is key to minimise our environmental and climate impact.

You will find more details in our Environmental Policy.


At BHG, we are convinced that when our employees thrive, BHG strives. It is therefore important that our employees feel motivated and flourish at our workplaces. Every company within BHG Group is responsible for ensuring that our employees have access to competence development and individual development plans, including communicated goals and feedback.

BHG strives to be a workplace characterized by equality and diversity. We have set a target to increase the gender distribution in management positions across our operations.

Another important area is health and safety. For us, it is important that our employees feel supported and safe. We therefore strive to create a good working environment, reduce absence due to illness, prevent work injuries and promote a good work-life balance.


BHG strives to conduct its operations in an ethical manner and has zero tolerance towards all forms of corruption. Our requirements and expectations on anti-corruption are specified in our business ethics guidelines and our  Code of Conduct. ​Our employees have previously undergone training in our guidelines and preventative work on bribes and corruption. Deviations can be reported through our whistle blower channel.


BHG places great emphasis on protecting our customers’ and employer’s privacy and personal data. To ensure high levels of data security, protection and personal integrity, we have steering documents and processes in place, including our Privacy Statement, privacy statement and our GDPR handbook


In order to make sustainability an integrated part of our operations, we have formulated policies on sustainability. The policies express our commitments, expectations and requirements on ourselves and on our business partners regarding sustainability. The following policies are our central steering documents for sustainability:

Our Code of Conduct clarifies BHG’s responsibility for the effect that our decisions and activities have on the society and the environment. It is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and specifies our requirements and expectations on human rights, labour rights, protection of the environment and anti-corruption.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct specifies BHG’s expectations and requirements on our business partners, suppliers and agents. The Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles.

Our Environmental Policy clarifies BHG’s commitments and expectations on climate and the environment, such as GHG-emissions, resource efficiency, materials, energy and waste.

BHG has also formulated policies on privacy, procurement, business ethics and anti-corruption, personnel and work-environment, and GDPR.


BHG Group is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards. But even the most efficient controls cannot fully safeguard against every possible scenario. This is why we encourage all our employees, our customers and our stakeholders to report if they experience or suspect unethical behaviour and violations of any applicable financial crime guidelines.

How to report

You can choose between reporting openly by providing name and contact details or reporting anonymously. Irrespective of method chosen, all reports are handled with strict confidentiality. Either way, you should send your report by using our whistleblowing service, which is managed by an independent, external party. Since (Company name) is part of BHG Group we have one system for the Group with companies that you will be re- directed to.

The process is designed to protect the anonymity of the person filing the report and the whistle blower channel is separated from IT systems and IP address, and other data that may identify the whistleblower.

Should you choose to file a report, you have the right to request and receive a complete list of information stored regarding your case, and if needed, you have the right to request corrections of incomplete or incorrect information.

BHG Group’s employees are by law protected against unfavourable treatment resulting from the filing.

What should be reported

Our whistleblowing procedure is intended for the reporting of misconduct and violations of financial crime guidelines, that is any fraudulent, inappropriate, dishonest, illegal or negligent activity or behaviour.

Link to our external system for reporting suspected misconduct, click here



  • Respect and maintain BHG Group's good name
  • Act honestly and with integrity
  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the countries where we do business
  • Following our Code of Conduct
  • Report any violations of our Code or any other law or regulation



Code of Conduct
Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainability Report
Supplier Code of Conduct
Environmental Policy
Whistle-blower Policy