Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

BHG is a Swedish public limited liability company that is governed by Swedish law, primarily the Companies Act and the Annual Accounts Act. The company also complies with Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). The company is not obliged to comply with every rule in the Code as the Code itself provides for the possibility to deviate from the rules, provided that any such deviations and the chosen alternative solutions are described, and the reasons therefore are explained in the corporate governance report (in accordance with the so called follow or explain principle).

In addition to legislation and Nasdaq Stockholm's regulations, the company's articles of association and our internal corporate governance guidelines form the basis for corporate governance. The Articles of Association specify, among other things, the seat of the Board of Directors, the direction of operations, the limits for share capital and the number of shares, and the conditions for being able to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Our corporate governance report contains, among other things, guidelines for the work of the board and management, as well as information about the nomination committee and the rules for internal control.

Corporate Governance Report 2021