Corporate Governance

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The Auditors

Being a public company, BHG Group must have at least one auditor for the review of the company’s and the group’s annual reports and accounts as well as the management by its board of directors and CEO. The review must be as detailed and extensive as required by generally accepted auditing standards. The company’s auditor is, according to the Swedish Companies Act, appointed by the general meeting. Thus, auditors of Swedish limited liability companies are given their assignment by, and are obliged to report to, the general meeting, and must not allow their work to be governed or influenced by the board of directors or any of the senior executives.

Following each financial year, the auditor is to submit an audit report and a consolidated audit report to the annual general meeting.

The company’s auditor is Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB, with authorised public accountant Eva Jonséus Carlsvi as auditor in charge. Eva Jonséus Carlsvi is an authorised public accountant and member of FAR (the Swedish trade organisation for accounting consultants, auditors and advisors).

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