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Financial Targets

The board of directors has adopted the following financial targets:

Net sales growth
BHG aims to grow net sales by 20-25% on average per year in the medium term, of which approximately 15% attributable to organic growth. The company’s objective is to reach net sales of SEK 10 billion in the medium term including acquisitions.

Profitability and cash conversion
Gradually improve profitability to reach an adjusted EBIT margin of around 7% in the medium term. Achieve strong cash conversion as a result of the business model.

Capital structure
Net debt in relation to LTM EBITDA in the range of 1.5-2.5x, subject to flexibility for strategic activities.

Dividend policy
The Board of Directors has adopted a dividend policy that stipulates that when free cash flow exceeds available investments in profitable growth, and under the requirement that the capital structure target is met, the surplus will be distributed to shareholders.

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